Microsoft Excel VBA Shell Using VB.Net (£19.99)


This page details a source code that I have developed allowing most Excel VBA Programs to be sold, distributed and used within a professional looking VB.Net “shell.”

The VB.Net program, when compiled:

  • allows your VBA to be installed as an executable (.exe) from a CD  or website into the Start Menu (with custom icon)
  • (optional) allows the Excel Application to be hidden in the background so only your VBA user-forms are visible
  • (optional) makes it securer and easier to sell and distribute an Excel VBA Program with a “Buy Now” Button linked to a sales page (e.g. PayPal) selling activation keys to access the VBA file & content
  • (optional) limits access to Excel VBA document by temporarily writing the VBA document to the C:\ drive, running and then deleting after each use

Full instructions are also provided in PDF format explaining how to get your Excel VBA Program integrated with the VB.Net source code in under 30 minutes.


 Reason for Development

I regularly program applications using Excel Visual Basic (VBA) but these are difficult to professionally package in a way that enables them to be sold and used through the Start Menu. I developed this source code, wirtten in VB.NET, and some simple instructions to embed your Excel VBA into a professional .exe format.

 Features of Application (Example)

The VBA Shell Using has the following features:

Installs and runs Excel VBA as an .exe file with a custom icon – installation adds application to the start menu.


Activation key functionality to prevent users from running your application without purchasing (optional).  Buy Now button links to an external transaction webpage (PayPal/E-junkie recommended). Instructions are provided for how to automatically e-mail activation key on purchase. (Key Generator included in product package)


Runs your VBA code with or without the Excel Application visible. This is useful if you have a UserForm only application. 


VB.Net waits until Excel Application is closed. You can decide whether the VBA Document remains on the users computer or is removed. A restart option can then be included or the program can simply exit with no additional user interaction.


 Click here to download the above example application for evaluation (free download)

 What is for sale?

  1. The source code for the example application (in a state ready to “plug and play” your VBA application)
  2. Activation Key Generator (.exe)
  3. A PDF document with instructions covering:
  • Installation of Visual Basic 2010
  • Integrating your Excel VBA with the supplied source code using VB2010 (5 mins)
  • Customizing your own application within the source-code (< 5 mins)
  • Selling your program using a “Buy Now” link on the start-up page (using e-junkie/PayPal) and automating the delivery of purchased activation keys (10 mins)
  • Use of the Activation Key Generator
  • Exporting the application as an executable (.exe) (1 min)
  • Distribution ideas


 Basic Requirements

  1. Windows XP or newer
  2. Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer
  3. Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express (install free here) – instructions are based on this program

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